Progressive Solutions For
Insurance Companies And Businesses

Progressive Solutions For
Insurance Companies And Businesses

Insurance Coverage Advice From A Legal Perspective

Our team at {%1n}, is highly experienced in defending insurance companies from claims against them, but we know that knowledge of creating sound policies is equally important.

Our attorneys advise insurance companies on their policy coverages, whether they are drafting new policies or need to re-examine old ones. The most important aspect of your policies is protecting yourself from liability should a claim or lawsuit arise.

We have worked extensively on numerous policies ranging from homeowners’ insurance to auto insurance policies. Any insurance company can benefit from a lawyer’s advice. No matter your experience in the insurance business, insurance defense is what we do so we can offer guidance from a legal perspective.

Protect Your Company From Potential Lawsuits

When you are looking for legal advice about policies, you want to consult with a lawyer who has experience defending against lawsuits. Because of our work in this area, we can anticipate potential future issues that could arise, as well as weaker aspects of policies that may be leaving your company liable.

Taking preventative measures is highly preferable over neglecting advice initially and needing to resolve complicated legal issues later down the line. Having worked with insurers for decades, we know exactly what lawsuits look like and mean for a company. Let us help you protect your company.

Flexible Payment. One-On-One Consultations.

We always consider our clients’ needs, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. We can discuss hourly rates, monthly rates, one-time payments or other payment plans that may be best for you.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer, please reach us online or call 866-440-0103.

We work statewide across Massachusetts.